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Birthdate:Mar 12
Location:United States of America
What is there to know about me?

I'm mostly a lurker that randomly posts fic. I'm currently attempting to write for Inception and Thor (movie 2011). I'm also working on some original fic that I talk about occasionally.

I multi-ship. A well written fic can (generally) get me into almost any pairing. I like het, slash, femslash and gen, I love humor and angst and a combination of the two, I like happy endings and not-so-happy endings (but never completely unhappy endings), and I'm a huge fan of unreliable, limited POV, science fiction, fantasy, deception, betrayals, boats/ships/anything nautical, superpowers that are cool-but-bad-for-you, political intrigue, mind games, us-against-the-world type stories, antiheroes, antagonistic-without-actually-being-enemies type relationships, surprises, foreshadowing, zombies/aliens/robots, AUs that are awesome, plot twists I didn't see coming, subverted fairytales, ambiguous endings, the joy of watching a character develop past his/her original concept. I love world-building with all the cockles of my heart, and my absolute favorite thing about writing - aside from beginnings ♥ - is that moment when you suddenly realize a very important and crucial fact that's been obscured or overlooked.

I usually post about fandom things such as shows I watch, wips I'm working on, my thoughts in general (rarely any redeemable value) and I like to talk about writing, my own -- honestly, who doesn't like to talk about their writing? -- or just in general. On this journal here at dreamwidth, I'll probably talk a lot more about the technical aspects of the stories I'm writing to spare the flisters over at LJ the spam

Some posts are f-locked, especially those that verge personal information about my real life, but anything that is strictly fandom, such as fic, will always be unlocked.

Friends, conversation, comments and constructive criticism will always be welcome.

Interests (129):

acting, addison montgomery, addison/alex, alaric saltzman, alaric/damon, alec hardison, alex karev, alphas, alternate universes, animated movies, anne tyler, art, arthur/gwen, arthur/merlin, arthur/morgana, battlestar galactica, books, brooke davis, caroline forbes, chocolate, claire bennet, community, conceptual art, crappy movies, criminal minds, criminology, cristina yang, cristina/owen, damon salvatore, damon/caroline, dead like me, derek morgan, drawing, dvds, elena gilbert, elena/stefan, eliot spencer, emily prentiss, falling skies, fandom, fanfic, fiction, firefly, gambit/rogue, gemma teller, george/mason, grey's anatomy, hal/karen, happy families, hardison/parker/eliot, harry potter, heroes, howard bamboo, italy, jackie burkhart, jackie/hyde, jackson teller, jeremy gilbert, jesse/puck, john sheppard, john/rodney, kara thrace, kara/lee, karl agathon, lee adama, leverage, lisa/joshua, literature, luna lovegood, maggie/anne, mark/eduardo, merlin, merlin/gwen, merlin/morgana, michael crichton, mike/harvey, modern family, movies, music, necessary roughness, one tree hill, owen hunt, painting, parker, penelope garcia, peter/neal/el, process art, project runway, puck/finn, puck/rachel, rachel/cameron, reading, reid/morgan, rodney mckay, ronon dex, ryan/chad, santana/rachel, sci fi, science fiction, severus snape, sharon valerii, sharon/karl, sif/loki, sociology, sons of anarchy, spencer reid, stargate atlantis, stefan salvatore, stephen lawhead, steven hyde, suits, terry pratchett, teyla emmagan, that 70s show, the black donnellys, the sims, the social network, the vampire diaries, thor, thor/jane, tina cohen-chang, tom/anne, tv, tyler lockwood, tyler/jeremy, white collar, wine, writing, zoe/wash
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